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Hello, Friend! I'm Amelia Zobrist. Being a mother to six incredible little humans has taught me the magic that lies within the fleeting moments. Those uncontrollable giggles, the warmth of a tiny hand wrapped around your finger, the mischievous twinkling eyes - every second is a story waiting to be told. I've been on that rollercoaster of motherhood with you, feeling the highs of joy and the lows of exhaustion. It’s changed me, not just as a mom, but as a photographer.

embracing the beautiful chaos

I remember when my first baby came into the world, amidst the postpartum haze, how I was flooded with emotions. Some days felt overwhelming, but there were these pockets of pure love, simple joy, and raw connection that made everything worth it. This is exactly what I want to gift you: a way to look back at those delicate initial days, wrapped in a cocoon of love and warmth, and think - "Yes, this was us."

Specializing in Documentary Style Photography & Videography

Every session with me isn't just about snapping photos. It's about weaving memories. Every click, every shutter sound is me wrapping up a memory for you to unwrap years later. I've had dads, who initially hesitated to stand in front of the camera, later say they never realized a photography session could be so much fun. That’s because it’s a memory - a core memory of laughter, whispers, and those lovely candid moments.

Crafting your Perfect Session:

Every family, every story, is beautifully unique, and I want our photography session to mirror that. You can opt for the cozy familiarity of in-home lifestyle sessions, letting me capture you amidst the surroundings you love most. Or perhaps you're drawn to the vastness of the outdoors, with nature playing a gentle backdrop to your family's tale. But if you're looking for something truly special, I invite you to my inspired space - Studio LN in Eureka, IL. Here, every corner is curated with love and intentionality, designed to document your moments in an atmosphere that feels both intimate and unique. The choice is yours; every setting is a new canvas for our time together.

Your Family, Your Story, Our Journey

With gentle prompts, I help craft a space where you can be your authentic self. "Take a moment to smell her cheek," "Lean in for a snuggle," "Share that secret joke that always makes him laugh." Through these little moments, I aim to paint a picture of love, care, and the beautiful chaos that is family.

Together, Let’s Create something meaningful

Your story deserves to be celebrated. With every smile, tear, and laugh, let’s capture your family's journey in its most genuine form. Let me be the one to help you remember, relive, and rejoice in these moments.

From my clients...

From my clients...

“We had family photos done with Amelia, and she did an excellent job! She had such a calm and kind presence, everyone was at ease in the photos, and it shows. We like to capture more candid family moments and use natural light, and this is very much in line with Amelia's style. I can't recommend her highly enough! She's wonderful, very fairly priced, and just a sweet human being.”